This website goes thought thousands of daily tests, looking for security breachs that could allow real hacker’s attacks.

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Audited and Aproved Security in 23/02/2018

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Shopping without concern - your personal information is safe. The Armored Website seal is visible on the website only if it is approved in a thousand of anti-hacker tests performed on a daily basis.

ARMORED Website against hackers

Site Blindado is a vulnerabilities analysis system in web applications, servers and network devices that performs everyday, via internet – without installations or configurations, thousands of automated security tests. The vulnerability report informs, in details, the risks involved and how these security failures must be solved


  • Hacker’s Attacks
  • Informations Theft
  • Credit Cards Cloning

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The websites protected by the Site Blindado system were submitted to a battery of vulnerabilities tests and it was approved. That means this website is protected against attempts of exploration and obtention of confidential information non-authorized through the most known invasion techniques. It’s of common knowledge that the computer’s ambient is capable of capture and process user’s or payment information.It’s extremely complex and frequently mutable. This, or any other vulnerabilities tests, evaluate only the ambient’s perimeter, not considering external factors, only identificable through a complete analisis of operational risk. Site Blindado fits all of the security patterns of the credit cards PCI-DSS industry related to remote scans of vulnerabilities in internet servers. Despite all the effort to ensure the protection of Site Blindado’s audited servers, we can’t say that this servers and web applications are hacker’s proof. Data sent and received of servers in external ambient, and not audited by Site Blindado, are passives of security failures, as well as data that may be accessed by company’s employees or authorized thirds. Therefore, Site Blindado S.A. doesn’t give any guarantee related to the total protection of the services available on the interior, even if certificated by Site Blindado. The use of the informations of this website is of total responsibility of the user, that agree with its terms and risks and free Site Blindado S.A. of the responsibility in any eventuality.